Phil is a shiny, rare and true gem.

I have known Phil Lavender for a decade. Interestingly we met on opposing sides of a large real estate transaction. That said, Phil Lavender is an excellent attorney, period. Despite being a lawyer, Phil is a loving and dedicated father, a devoted husband to his beautiful wife, and he is also, I am proud to say, my friend. In a professional field mostly known for it’s ubiquity of jagged pebbles in the shoe’s of society, Phil is a shiny, rare and true gem. His most distinguishing characteristic, is one he doesn’t advertise or he may not even know is completely obvious to all, including himself, Phil actually has a moral compass that always stays true and it always points North no matter the size of the storm. I consider myself fortunate to have met him.
Ezra Orchard

— Ezra O., Brooklyn, NY
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