I never hesitate to call on his expertise.

Over the last decade or so, Phil has been my “go-to” guy for every real estate transaction I’ve undertaken in New York City. I’ve relied on his excellent services at least five times. I never hesitate to call on his expertise. Why? Because Phil knows the complexity of New York City real estate law inside and out and patiently explains every step of the process. He is prepared, has all the necessary documentation ready for filing on the closing date and is readily available to answer my questions throughout the process. Additionally, Phil is constantly looking out for the best interests of his clients and will go the extra mile to protect them from an advertent error. Always ensuring that all payments are accurately made, Phil has made every of my closings hassle free, painless and quick (as quick as a closing can be :-)).

— Nick Dimitrov

We feel lucky to have had Phil in our corner.

We were referred to Philip Lavender by our realtors and it was a winning recommendation. A warm, reassuring presence, Phil is also a crackerjack attorney. We always feel in safe, well-protected hands with him. We have bought and sold several properties in the last year and he and his Marcus Attorneys team have been unruffled, organized, proactive, instructive and responsive. We feel lucky to have had Phil in our corner. You will, too.

— Kim Flodin

I trust him completely.

Philip J. Lavender is incredibly competent and kind. I am a recent widow and needed to transfer some ownership documents. My Coop management company was unhelpful and also made a serious error, which Philip Lavender caught. He talked me, and the Management Company, through the entire process, in detail, clearly, and he spent (too much) time compensating for others’ mistakes. He did so willingly with my best interests at heart. I felt cared for and that my interests were being looked after far better than I could do. I am grateful. He went beyond and never once complained. He was only concerned that I be legally protected. I trust him completely.

— Karen Malpede

He’s terrific!

Over the years I’ve worked with Phil on three different deals for apartments in New York City: two purchases and one sale. He’s terrific! Not only are Phil and his staff conscientious and competent in performing due diligence; he is also capable of explaining the details of a real-estate transaction in a way that is clear and accessible to a layperson (like me). Buying an apartment in this city can be stressful. A lawyer like Phil can help you make sure you are making a good deal, and help you stay calm and focused as the deal unfolds.

— Tom Jameson
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