About Insite

Clients of Insite East LLC often use the services of Marcus Attorneys, with whom Insite shares its office.

Insite is a twenty-six year-old group of real estate development and project management companies. They develop their own commercial and residential projects and guide the projects of institutional, industrial and commercial clients in the New York metropolitan area. Insite's companies own and manage commercial and residential properties in Brooklyn.

Insite East LLC is a real estate advisor and project manager. It offers a menu of services. Clients select those that allow them to develop their projects most efficiently. Insite East's assignments range from narrow tasks (e.g., helping a client determine the kind and size of facility it needs, finding or negotiating control of a site, assessing a site's potential, assembling a project team, identifying sources of financing, assisting with regulatory issues, obtaining government financial assistance, or managing construction) to concept-to-completion project management. All of Insite East's work is carefully documented, and Insite East provides a level of reporting suited to each client. As a result, a client's executives can control their project effectively and make informed decisions with only the level of day-to-day involvement they desire. Management's focus and expertise can remain directed toward the client's primary endeavors, and a project can be completed on schedule and within budget without unduly diverting resources or disrupting operations.